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Spring Cleaning: 5 Quick Tips

5 Tips to Get Your Spring Cleaning On:

1. Clean room by room - Going room by room is most effective when your goal is to clean an entire home. Use a checklist for rooms that need a deep clean to keep you on track and make each task more attainable.

2. Clear the clutter - As you clean each room, make sure you are getting rid of clutter and not just moving piles around. Select the items that make you feel happy and are in the best condition. Consider donating items that are worn out, don't fit your style, or have no place.

3. Home repairs - Make a list of all the repairs needed to be done in your home, and add anything you notice during your cleaning process. Sort the list from small to big jobs and get going on them!

4. Establish new habits - Spring cleaning is a great start, but it shouldn't be the end of your home organization. There are patterns and tools you can establish to maintain order throughout the year.

5. Find a way to make it fun - Open those windows and crank up the music! Blasting music or inviting a friend or partner to join you can help get you in the mood and motivate you to clean.

Remember, at the end of the day you want to be able to truly enjoy your home. By simplifying and cleaning your space, you will be making it a place you want to spend time in and relax with loved ones. The results will be worth the effort!

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