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I love opening my cabinets and looking inside! I also am having fun showing off my organized house to my friends lol!


I am what you might call "organizationally challenged". Over the last 8ish years that I have had children, I have wasted countless hours and spent more money than I want to think about trying to put together organizational systems in the various rooms in my home. Nothing lasted more than a few days, and the state of my home vacillated between messy and overwhelmingly messy. So far, Malka has helped me organize my playroom and one of my children's bedrooms. In each, she created storage systems that not only look great and worked with my budget, but were also simple enough for my children to maintain with only minimal input from me. My children and I used to spend hours a week toiling to keep those rooms from being disaster zones, and it was overwhelming and disheartening to never see lasting progress. Now, my children take pride in maintaining their organized room with very little effort, and so far without my having to remind them. Malka also gave us tips along the way for small changes in our routines and ways of thinking to help keep order in our lives. Even though Malka has only applied her magic to two rooms so far, it has really had far-reaching effects in ways I didn't anticipate. The rest of the house is already easier to maintain. I spend less time doing stressful, difficult tasks with my children, and therefore we have more time to spend together doing enjoyable activities. And we all just have more time and feel better about our home. I cannot recommend Malka enough!


Since we moved, our storage closet was never organized. Malka bought bins to fit each item and category in the closet, and topped it off with labels. Its more than a year later and this closet is still in the same condition Malka organized it in.


They said their playroom has never stayed so clean & neat for so long!


I cant thank you enough for helping me organize my playroom. The kids love it & I get such a huge smile on my face every time I walk by. You were such a joy to work with and I wish you the absolute best with your business!


I'm loving being in my kitchen and it stays so much cleaner!!

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