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Speaking Opportunities

Is your community or organization looking for an
Organizing Motivational Speaker?


Malka Rodal is a sought-after speaker covering topics on 'all things organized'. Previous speaking engagements have covered the following topics:  Organizing for Children, Spring Cleaning, and Back to School.

Malka will bring insightful tips, techniques and hacks, which will engage the crowd and jump start anyone's home organizing projects. She also talks about Office Organization, Routines, and so much more.  


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"Everyone needs to try Malka! I hired Malka to organize a number of rooms in my house and she is amazing. She is professional, pleasant and easy to work with. The spaces we organized are easy and even fun to keep clean not only for me but for my kids too. She will maximize your space even in places you think there is no room.
Once things were organized, I found I utilized old stuff as if they were new. 
Try her out and you won't regret it!"


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